Leather Care

All Mayvn Leather Goods are made with handpicked, high quality materials.

Leather is a natural product. As all animals have their own characteristics, thus each hide is unique and has its own natural markings and blemishes as well as variations in tone and texture. This should not be seen as flaws, rather an indication of the high quality of the natural leather.

Our products can last generations with proper care and handling. Here are some leather care principles to ensure your Mayvns last a lifetime:

Leather needs to breathe

Treat your leather like your skin (after all, leather is animal skin.) It needs some ventilation to prevent mildew and bacteria. Store your products in a dust bag or some type of breathable fabric when not in use (never plastic!) Best to bring it out as often as possible - no one’s appreciating your Bailey if it’s kept in storage all the time.

Soft, damp cloth

Operative word: damp, not soaking wet. Leather is naturally durable so giving it a quick wipe down should remove dirt, dust and other surface residues.

No direct sunlight/heat

Unexpected things happen, like a sudden rain shower while you’re out with Kennedy or an accidental spill on your beloved Casey. We know it’s tempting to stick them in front of a dryer to speed up the process but please don’t ever do this! Speed drying will make the skin crinkle and crack beyond salvage.  Blot and soak any excess water with a paper towel. (Don't rub!) Then let your item dry naturally in room temperature and in the shape you want it to have – even if this takes a couple of days.

Patch test

When applying any leather product (be it a cleaner, moisturizer or protectant), always test a small area first in an unnoticeable part of your Mayvn. Wait 24 hours and see what happens. Some products can change the color of the leather so it’s best to do a patch test. We recommend treating your Mayvns with a leather conditioner before use and often. Remember, the leather no longer gets the natural oil from the animal, so you need to condition it to add moisture back in from time to time.


Keep your bags stuffed when in storage to retain its shape.